With $6.3 billion worth of investment,
we are among the most
digitalized companies
in the world.

Billion Worth of Investment

We are the first refinery in the world selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the "Global Lighthouse Network," where the facilities that best use Industry 4.0 technologies are accepted.

We all grow together.

As the only Turkish company with a refinery and petrochemical integration, we supply about 19.5% of Türkiye’s requirements for processed oil products.

We continue to develop strategic products for the Turkish industry with pride to be the largest investment the real sector has ever made at a single point in Türkiye. In addition to reformat and naphtha which are important raw materials for the petrochemical industry, we provide uninterrupted production of products such as diesel, diesel, jet fuel, LPG, sulfur, and petroleum coke, which are the most critical components of the current account deficit.

We started our activities by getting Türkiye’s first Strategic Investment Incentive certificate. Today, we continue our journey with our team of experts and a comprehensive product portfolio in our Petkim integrated facility. We meet most of Petkim's raw material demands with the naphtha we produce. We also meet about 19.5% of the country's needs for processed petroleum products, which is key to reducing the current account deficit.

Our actions are based on the principle of continuous improvement. In 2021, we ranked third in the "Türkiye’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises" list of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry and first in the "Aegean Region's 100 Largest Industrial Enterprises" list.

Our emphasis is on digital technologies. Thanks to our technological investments since the genesis phase, we have become the first refinery to join the "Global Lighthouse Network", which gathers the companies of the future.

Through our integrated structure with the first petrochemical producer in Türkiye, Petkim, we continue our success in production.

With over 1,000 employees, we contribute to Türkiye 's developing economy and energy security at our digital facility in Aliaga, Izmir.


Leading Position in the Aegean Region
Champion in the Ranking of Aegean's 100 Biggest Companies in 2021


Our Sustainability Approach

Since our establishment, we have followed the most advanced methods and practices possible to ensure environmental sustainability. As part of the sustainable development strategy of SOCAR Türkiye, we strive to reduce our environmental impact.

We create value for Azerbaijan and Türkiye by incorporating technology, the most fundamental element of efficiency and sustainability in our time, in all our business processes. We strongly emphasize excellence in workplace health, safety, and environment, and we adopt the SOCAR Türkiye Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment (OHS-E) Policy, which includes the industry's best practices.

Human rights guide us through our activities and decisions. We create value for all our stakeholders, suppliers, customers, and business partners. We consider our employees as the most valuable resource of our business and apply the most effective practices to ensure their safety and professional development. We develop social responsibility projects that benefit society with the voluntary participation of our employees.

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