Safe Workplace

Safe Workplace

Our objective is excellence in workplace health and safety. We employ the most effective security practices worldwide and continually improve our operational capability. We place equal emphasis on the development of our employees as we do on their safety, and we foster the creation of a participatory culture based on the exchange of ideas within the company.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our work entails numerous safety and environmental risks. We take decisive action to mitigate these risks and ensure that our employees may continue to work safely. We certify our practices at international standards with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificates. We renew our certificates on a regular basis through independent external audits.
We acknowledge that occupational health and safety are issues that require ongoing improvement. While determining our security targets, we act according to the "SAFE (SOCAR Aims for Efficiency) OHS-E" Policy, developed by SOCAR Türkiye, and includes the industry's best practices.

Job Talks and Additional Practices

Our regular “Job Talks” are an educational tool to learn lessons from events in the industry and sometimes in our workplace, understanding issues, evaluating opportunities, and brainstorming between employees. Through these meetings, we contribute to the creation of an efficient and safe work environment by obtaining feedback while learning the skills of our employees. We ensure our employees are informed of workplace hazards and risks through monthly OHS-E bulletins.
Through the Personal Protective Equipment Awareness Program, we aim to educate our employees on using PPE and prevent possible accidents. In addition, we have the following applications: Hazard Recognition Program, Behavior-Oriented Occupational Safety Program, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Award and Incentive Program, Road Safety Program, Digitization studies, Sharing Lessons Learned from Events, Field Inspection Program (PFI- Periodic Field Inspections), Nutrition Friendly and Physical Activity Support Workplace Program.

Agile Transformation

The agile business model approach divides our employees working in our facilities and units into operations-focused field teams. Each agile team plans its actions in accordance with the organization's strategic goals. As a result, communication among units is strengthened, and employee satisfaction is enhanced. In addition, worklists may be tracked at the team level and presented transparently.

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