The Road to a
Carbon-Free Future

The Road to a
Carbon-Free Future

Our Sustainability Strategy

Petroleum companies play a critical role in the transition to low-carbon energy. Conscious of the impact and power we create, we take responsibility and steer a clean future by focusing on our sustainability strategy.

We are shaping our sustainability strategy, which we have developed within the framework of SOCAR Türkiye's strong vision, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Capital Markets Board's (SPK) Sustainability Principles Compliance Framework, GRI Standards and requests from our stakeholders.

We are strengthening our operational capacity by investing in the latest energy efficiency, occupational health and safety, process safety, resource utilization, waste management, and clean energy solutions.

We recognize our role with respect to economic development. We support the industry's growth through our flexible production and cutting-edge solutions.

We consider sustainability from all perspectives. We implement projects that serve society by managing our financial, environmental, and social implications as effectively as feasible.

We focus on four key priorities as part of our strategic processes:

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