People and Society

People and Society

As part of our approach to sustainability, we always put people at the center of our work. As part of SOCAR Türkiye's vision, we create value for our stakeholders, society, and future generations through our deep commitment to ethical values.

Our Guide is Human Rights

We are firmly committed to universal values. We continue our work in compliance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and key conventions of the International Labour Organization.
We embrace human rights as a guide within the organization, and in the relationships, we build with our external stakeholders. We expect our suppliers, customers, and business partners to be just as sensitive, and we enter into agreements based on respect and trust. We believe that every move we take, from purchasing to collaborations, must be fair and honest.

Employee Health and Safety

Due to the line of business, our operations carry high risks. We ensure that our teams work in the safest environment, under increased protection. We apply the world's most advanced methods and practices using leading-edge digital technologies.
The training we provide to our employees is part of improving workplace health and safety. We offer advanced OSH training to ensure that our teams are highly aware.

Common Goals

We believe that the primary resource that will assist us in achieving our future goals is our employees. We place a strong emphasis on diversity, equality, and inclusiveness in our business processes, and we promise our employees a professional life based on equal opportunities, where they will feel good and secure, open to development, and participative.

Talent Management Approach

It is also important for us that our employees develop their potential. As a responsible employer, we provide them with innovative training and opportunities to succeed. We implement the Talent Management System developed by SOCAR Türkiye in all our areas of activity.
The talent management system is designed to support employees' personal and professional development to reach their potential and transform their talent into high performance. With this approach, we assess our employees' potential for the future, provide them with professional and personal development training, and support their career development with leadership programs.

Local Employment

We lead the development of young talents. We regularly run internship programs and offer advanced technical opportunities to our applicants experiencing business life for the first time.
We carry out our recruitment processes with case studies and technical interviews and contribute to local employment with the applicants we bring to the industry. We offer a variety of orientation courses ranging from online learning programs to site visits to speed up the process of adaptation to the corporate culture for all our employees who have just started working. In 2021, we delivered on average 71.31 hours of training for every employee.

Value for Society

We are aware of our social and economic responsibilities. We are continuously broadening our sphere of social influence as part of sustainable development. Since our foundation, we have developed and continue to create many socially responsible projects with the same devotion and determination.
We create value with SOCAR Volunteers. This platform is a voluntary program that supports social development, founded by SOCAR Türkiye, focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It develops social responsibility projects and collaboration with the voluntary participation and support of employees under the aegis of SOCAR Türkiye, including our company. With an emphasis on the environment, sports, education, health, and natural disasters, the platform has given life to countless projects in which we have actively participated.

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