Health, Safety, and Environment

At SOCAR Türkiye, our outmost priority is to ensure the safety of all our employees, including contractors. We consistently track performance indicators related to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) across all areas of our operations and draw upon the best practices in the industry to maintain high standards.

Fostering an HSE Culture that Embraces Industry Best Practices

Occupational health, safety, and environmental awareness are fundamental to our business strategy. We prioritize responsible management practices to implement the industry's most effective occupational health, safety, and environmental standards.

In our risk management approach, we draw upon insights gained from high-risk activities in the industry, international standards, and years of extensive experience. Guided by the principles and guidelines outlined in the SOCAR Turkey HSE Policy, we actively incorporate them into our operations.

We encourage our employees, our most valuable assets, to promote occupational health, safety, and environmental well-being. We foster an inclusive and transparent environment where they can share their ideas, take ownership, and identify risks to drive the adoption of industry best practices.

Our ultimate objective across all operational domains is to ensure our activities consistently uphold safety and efficiency. To support this mindset, we have developed the SAFE (SOCAR Aims for Efficiency) HSE Management System, which sets out the fundamental expectations that our operations must adhere to.

Achieving Operational Excellence through SAFE

As part of the SAFE HSE Management System, we are committed to establishing a healthy and safe working environment in every domain, from office spaces to high-risk activity sites. We aim to provide exceptional value through this endeavor.

The SAFE HSE Management System sets forth 4 fundamental principles, 16 core principles, and 100 expectations that align with these principles. These guidelines are designed to help us achieve our corporate HSE objectives.

The Key Principles of the SAFE HSE Management System


HSE Policy

Biodiversity PolicyBiodiversity Policy

SOCAR Türkiye Sustainability Policy

Golden Rules for Managing Accident Risks




Obtain permission from the appropriate authorities for the task.



Adhere to safe driving regulations.



Ensure that the isolation method is implemented and stored energy is released before commencing work.



Obtain authorization from the relevant authorities before entering confined spaces.



Take preventive measures to prevent falls when working at elevated locations.



Seek authorized authorities' permission before excavation work and identify all underground hazards.



Carry out lifting operations in a planned manner and verify the area's safety.



Identify the hazards and risks associated with simultaneous activities in the work area.



Review and approve proposed organization, procedures, equipment, and systems changes before implementing them.



Ensure comprehensive use of the necessary personal protective equipment.

Incorporating an Integrated Management Approach for Ensuring Safety

SOCAR Türkiye follows an integrated approach to implement its HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) Management System. The processes are designed and certified to comply with the SAFE SOCAR Turkey HSE Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standards.

By taking a holistic approach to managing the Integrated Management System, rather than addressing individual issues separately, numerous benefits are obtained. Implementing the Integrated Management System aligns with our corporate values, activities, and objectives. We continuously monitor and control HSE performance and the sustainability of our operations in accordance with the principles outlined in the HSE Policy to achieve our defined targets.

HSE Regulatory Compliance
Management System

HSE Observation and
Reporting Program

Process Management
Safety System

HSE Risk Management

SOCAR Turkey group companies prepare, develop and implement standards across the organization in line with the principles of the SAFE HSE Management System, legal regulations and industry best practices. We also conduct training sessions to ensure the application of these standards.

In order to provide a safe working environment for our colleagues and enhance HSE awareness, we implement various HSE programs and plan training sessions accordingly. These training sessions are conducted partially online through the "Success Factor Learning Center" platform and partially through practical training fields and face-to-face classrooms.

In addition to ongoing HSE training, we provide specific training on HSE rules and emergency procedures to our business partners and visitors, in alignment with those provided to our employees at SOCAR Turkey.

Some of the ongoing HSE training, not limited to the ones mentioned below, includes:

  • HSE Basic Training
  • Contractor Induction Training
  • Safe Driving Techniques Training
  • Behavior-Based Safety Training (BBS)
  • Root Cause Analysis Training (RCA)
  • Fire Fighting Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Management Leadership and Responsibility (Safety Governance) Training
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) & Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Training
  • Operational Discipline - Process Safety Management Training

As part of the HSE-C Communication Program, we aim to manage the risks that may arise in SOCAR Turkey sites and increase the awareness level of our colleagues regarding HSE practices. We use effective communication methods to convey the work conducted by HSE disciplines to all our employees. Through short training meetings held with small teams and workgroups, we aim to increase the awareness levels of our employees regarding HSE. The communication methods implemented as part of the HSE Communication Program include:

  • HSE Bulletins
  • HSE Safety Moment
  • HSE Reminder Note
  • Lessons Learned from Incidents
  • Job-Specific Toolbox Talks on Safety

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