STAR Refinery at a Glance

STAR Refinery at a Glance

As the largest single-point investment by the real sector in Türkiye, we meet approximately 19.5% of the country’s need for processed petroleum products.

Thanks to our integrated Petkim structure, fast conversion capability, and state-of-the-art technology, we can process various types of oil efficiently. Our annual crude oil processing capacity of 12 million cubic meters enables us to produce petroleum products such as diesel, jet fuel, naphtha, and LPG.

Thanks to our operational flexibility, we don't know any limitations when it comes to refining. We add value to the national economy through our rich product portfolio, and we work harder every day to ensure steady and safe production. In 2021, while we were in the top third of the list of ‘Türkiye’s 500 largest Industrial Enterprises 2021’, we have been placed at the top in the list of ‘Aegean’s largest Industrial Enterprises’.

In 2021, we became the only company from Türkiye to be selected for the World Economic Forum (WEF) "Global Lighthouse Network," where the facilities that best use Industry 4.0 technologies in production are accepted. We are the only refinery in the world that has succeeded in joining this league.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business processes. We are taking advanced steps to reduce our environmental impacts and provide a safe workplace for our employees. We invest in business continuity and production effectiveness. With our firm commitment to universal principles, we develop social responsibility projects that benefit society.

Our Vision

To be an innovative, reliable, environmentally and socially conscious company in the petroleum industry.

Our Mission

To reduce the country's foreign dependence by producing high-value-added products and integrating petrochemicals.

Our Values


Our integrity and ethical business practices help us build confidence. Working with honest standards and a high business ethic is the essence of what we do.


We pursue different perspectives and encourage everyone to cooperate and contribute towards shared goals.


We put a strong emphasis on continual improvement, make the best use of our time and resources, and apply the best procedures possible.


We anticipate evolving customer requirements, competitive market trends, and opportunities. We embrace change, move forward resiliently, and maintain our business focus even under rapidly changing conditions.


We are engaged in our work with all our hearts and mind. We work with powerful emotions that give meaning to our day-to-day work.


We understand how our decisions affect the people around us, the environment, and society. We take responsibility for what we do, act responsibly, and live up to our commitments.

Sustainability is Our Roadmap

Conscious of our responsibilities to life, nature, and future generations, we are committed to sustainability in all our activities.

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Importance of STAR Refinery for Türkiye

Annual crude oil processing capacity



The rate of meeting Türkiye's need for processed crude oil is approximately


Annual Storage Capacity



Contribution to the closing of the current account deficit.

Annual production of million tons of naphtha is approximately


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