Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

We can process various types of crude oil in our state-of-the-art facilities and are constantly broadening our product portfolio. Our products with high-quality standards meet around 25% of the country's requirements for processed oil products.

Through efficient production optimization, we develop strategic products for the domestic industry. In addition to reformat and naphtha, important raw materials for the petrochemical industry, we provide uninterrupted production of products such as diesel, jet fuel, LPG, sulfur, and petroleum coke most critical components of the current account deficit. We are the main raw material supplier of PETKİM, Türkiye’s leading petrochemical producer.


Flammable liquefied petroleum gas


Type of fuel used in diesel engines

Jet Fuel

Aviation fuel running in gas turbine engines.


A Petrochemical product produced by the catalytic conversion method.


The primary raw material of the petrochemical industry, obtained by the distillation of petroleum.

Petroleum Coke

Industrial fuel containing sulfur


A chemical substance in the form of a nonmetal